Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 3/26/17

Burke – (talking about McCloud’s unmentionables) well, if it’s Bionic, then wouldn’t it glow in dark? A little mini glow stick
Bentley – like a light saber, or a very light saber

Burke – (to Evee) is your dog still alive? Is moon moon still around?
Evee – Damn it moon moon!

Bentley – a pack of wolves is devouring a cow in the heard
Burke – how could you let this happen (to Kimi)
Barry – control your family!
Evee – I don’t control the wolves

Bentley – well it looks like your straw (talking to Burke) is in his cup (to Foy)
Burke – … it is
Evee – he’s grumbly because I don’t want to use his straw… I have a germ thing
Bentley – so what you’re saying, is you care what she sucks? Huh Foy?
Foy – huh? How did I get into this?

Burke – we could just handcuff the cows feet so they can’t walk
Bentley – First you kill the poor wolves, now you’re antagonizing the cows… when will it end
Burke – I don’t know, when will this campaigne end?

Evee – we could just put a fake cow out there…
Professor – we could dress McCloud up as a cow!
Burke – Moo for us! You can do better than that
Foy – what happens if a bull comes a long?
Burke – That’s the true meaning of ‘cow poke’

Evee – a bird ran into me… like a real bird when I just walked outside
Bentley – well it is the duck and decanter
Barry – what kind of bird was it?
Evee – a sparrow
Barry – well see, then it’s not welcome here, this isn’t the sparrow and decantor
Bentley – It will forever be known as ’Broken Sparrow"

Evee – (to Burke) see, some men can explode twice… (to Bentley’s dice roll)
Burke – well apparently Bentley can
Bentley – apparently I can what?
Evee – nothing! Nevermind. Don’t tell him
Burke – well I can tell him if you want…
Evee – no! That’s okay
Bentley – well I am just a natural…
Burke – Evee thought it was funny that you exploded twice…
Bentley – I don’t get it…

Barry – McCloud looked like he needed some nuts…
Burke – to replace the ones he lost

Bentley – who are you, hop off Casady?
Evee – oh my god, really?!

Bentley – Marshall Tate
Barry – Tate?
Burke – Like tator tots

Evee – All he managed to do was spread all the bad guys around so it’s going to be harder for us to kill them…
Bentley – And now they’re all in cover
Evee -(sarcasm)…Thank you professor
Bentley – Now we have seperation anxiety…

Bentley – Evee gets a wound
Evee – I soaked, it’s my turn (moves closer, just inside of short range) I don’t like being shot (shoots him with 22 points of damage)



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