Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 4/2/17

Bentley – Now that’s what we call “Steam Junk”
Evee – okay no… (everybody laughs) awe, now I have to write it down

And Wang makes a triumphant comeback… so here it goes…

Burke – III
Evee – II
Bentley –
Foy – I
Barry – II
Cid – I
Dan -

(Look, we managed to not fall too far back into old habits xD)

Bentley – you can tell it’s a murder of passion
Cid – Murder, suicide. They couldn’t handle their love
Barry – inconsensual cowpoking

Evee – (Bentley knocks over Barry’s figure with the tree map) and a tree knocks the professor out
Professor – and the crowd cheers
Evee – nah, that’s just Kimi…

Bentley – you won a Benny for the quotes
Evee – yeah you won with with a cow poke
Burke – nobody wins with a cowpoke…

Foy – (run into the church bell like wind chimes)
Dan – Every time Foy gets abused, an angel gets his wings

Burke – yeah, you have to go after Wang, you keep going after Wang…
Evee – that’s because he can’t keep ahold of his own Wang..

Burke – (an arrow comes out of the forest and hits Foy, who soaks it) It hit your diary
Cid – It was his Sparkleface fanfiction book
Burke – about a forbidden love between a horse and a man

Evee – stop stealing my dice rolling mojo! (to Bentley, who keeps exploding while she keeps rolling ones)

Dan – this is exactly why Wang didn’t run up to stand next to the Professor
Burke – Yeah, but there’s two dogs in the blast
Bentley – those are wolves!

Barry casts puppet on Black Dog and makes him talk on and on
Burke – Jeez, I think your name is Yapping Black Dog

n – yeah fill a bath full of holy water, she’d get out so fast

Bentley – He took one for the team (Foy)
Burke – No, he lost one for the team

(Mimicing Foy)
Burke – He’s gonna go walking down the street “look, who wants to take my right nut?”
Dan – “that’s why they call me lefty”

*McCloud – (mimicing bad guy)“McCloud, you don’t have the balls to take us…” you’re right!

Burke – (after rolling double ones)
Dan – you think the guy by the barrel is the boss, shoot him (talking about McCloud)
Cid – No nut McCloud

Burke – you’re butt stroking (about Dan hitting someone with the butt of his gun)
Barry – Don’t say that, McCloud gets jealouse

Evee – (to Burke) Yeah, shooting into Melee… again
Burke – Hey, I’ve got a D10 in shooting! (Okay Risa)



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