Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 4/23/17

Quotes 4/23 Not that it matters, no one’s listening anyway (Ed: Hey!)

Bentley – I got an extra draw because Foy showed up (holds up the green benny)
Risa – (to Foy) so, we lost the green benny because of you

(Bentley explodes on an 8 sider dice that Evee gave back to him)
Burke – you shouldn’t have given him that dice back

Bentley – you could turn into a mouse and wild attack
Evee – Squeek!
Bentley – maybe they’re all afraid of mice

Bentley – You could deal with the devil, its free and one action
Professor – family reunion
Kimi – I dont think the devils her father
DJ – wellll…

Bentley – He’s going to shoot Maddie…
Evee – She’s at minus two
Burke – So he missed
Bentley – I’m spending a benny
Evee – Oh, he really wants to shoot her, it was those green eyes
Risa – Yeah, they’re glowing
Evee – Or he heard me growling behind her and thought she was an evil creature
Burke – well… she is

Evee – if the warrior spirit takes over while she’s in the cougar state
Bentley – cougar state? Is that where she went to school? Oh, it’s where McCloud hung out after school
Evee – okay, I got it
Bentley – wait, don’t right the school part, it was innappropriate
Evee – exactly… which is why it’s going down
Burke – that’s also innappropriate

Evee – she could just turn into a horse and stand by the bad guys to listen
Burke – (as the bad guys) why is there an extra horse?
Foy – This horse wants me to mount it
Everyone – ewww!



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