Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 4/30/17

Evee – They all think there’s a cougar running rampad
Burke – Everyone’s going to go looking for a wild cougar
Risa – so is McCloud

Foy – (after putting together his dice tower) don’t touch my thing
Burke – we’ve all touched his thing
Evee – no, that side of the table hasn’t touched his thing
Cid – I don’t want to touch his thing… I don’t like sloppy seconds

Burke – Foy hasn’t drawn his benny’s
Foy – Not that I"m going to need them, I’m so good
Burke – Oh, okay, no benny for you then
Foy – The one time you actually listen…
Everyone – … What?

Risa – Well they probably wanted to roast their wiener inside (in response to there being no bad guys at the north star ranch)

Burke – I’m 48 inches away from the nearest building (measures back to Foy’s nipples)
I’m on this mountain top

Risa – (after rolling her dice) Wooh Hoo! Oh shit… wait…

Bentley – You hear…
Cid – a low moan from the corner? (talking about McCloud sitting by himself in the dark corner)

(Kimi turns into a bird in an attempt to save the giant wild buffalo from a device stuck on it’s head)
Burke/DJ – I’m going to shoot that thing on it’s head (hits with a raise and then rolls 28 points of damage)
Bentley – the box breaks, you see the creature’s eyes blink and then it explodes
Kimi – (in bird form begins angrily chirping at DJ)
Burke/DJ – I’m sorry! I didn’t know he was going to explode

Burke – Have you seen this cougar?
DJ – It’s her as a cougar, “meow”

Maddie – I want to bet on DJ to win
Bentley – I’m sure you can find someone to bet for you
Foy/McCloud – You didn’t bet for McCloud to win in his duel
Maddie – I only bet on the winner, don’t take it personal… it’s business



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