Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 5/14/17

Evee – McCloud likes the torture (talking about him setting himself up for our jokes), you know, bound, gagged and spanked

(The group makes fun of McCloud’s brow raising relationship with Sparkleface, again, to which McCloud reacts)
McCloud – you know, if all of you females would pay McCloud some much deserved attention…
Maddie – He (points to Cid’s character) got a shave, cleaned up and even some perfume water… you refused!
DJ – Besides, they’ve all heard the legend of “one nut McCloud”
Kimi – I didn’t just hear that legend, sweetheart, I was there…

(After failed negotiations with the Sioux attacking the train, Kimi sighs audibly)
Kimi – stupid boys…
DJ – stupid braves
Kimi – Always thinking with junk…
Cid – Just like McCloud

Kimi – The only one who can take care of a Sioux, is a Sioux
DJ – Hey, don’t call McCloud Sue
Bentley – A Foy named Sue

(Bentley attempts to shoot Cid’s character, failing in his first attempt. He spends a benny to reroll and misses again, to which Cid’s character crosses his chest and prays)

Burke – The queen is next, the other queen
Bentley – God save the queen
Foy – Yeah, you didn’t like that did you, did you?!
Cid – … I’m comfortable, in who I am

McCloud – Hey why is Sparkleface shaken?
DJ – Sparkleface? She’s always shaken when you’re near
Cid – +Her heart’s fluttering

Bentley – you wake up and you hear a wind..
Maddie – McCloud! I told you not to stand so close to me

(The group notices a group of scientists on the train killing innocent buffalo, to which Kimi is very angry)
McCloud – I’m gonna roll down the window and join in
Kimi – McCloud! If you don’t watch it you’re going to become no nut McCloud
McCloud – … I don’t know if I appreciate your threats

Maddie – It’s the Thomas McCloud show!
Kimi – Staring… everyone else!
Bentley – Guest staring… Thomas McCloud
McCloud – That’s not funny…

Foy – Wait, Sparkleface is shaken again? Why is she shaken?
Burke – He put it there (about Cid)
Foy – Quit putting it there!
Cid – You were making some questionable comments that were making her nervous

Burke – He could play this character in your my little pony game (points to Mule in the book)
He can play as “my little jackass”



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