Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 5/7/17

Bentley [In reference to a Phillipine ad discussion a Phillipine ad using Wolverine to sell circumcisions: But then the podcast was cut a little short…

Bentley: The jeweler’s name is Jeremiah. It’s Jeremiah the Jeweler’s.
Barry: You mean Jeremiah the Galleria of Jewelry…

Cid (As the group is boarding the train): Sparkleface rides with McCloud.
She’s a service animal.
She performs services on him.

(McCloud sneaks under the train engine to spread ghost rock laced lubricant on the pistons.)
Bentley: Okay, you are able to grease up the pistons.
Risa: That’s McCloud’s specialty.

Bentley (to McCloud): He grabs you by the waist.
Risa: He’s not grabbing your waist, he’s grabbing the throttle.
(Everyone laughs.)
Foy: …don’t write that down.



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