Professor Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe


Rank: “Veteran"
XP: 46

Agility: D6
Smarts: D12
Spirit: D6
Strength: D4
Vigor: D6

Parry: 6
Toughness: 6(1)
Pace: 6
Charisma: -4

Fighting: D6
Guts: D6
Healing: D6
Knowledge (engineering): D6
Notice: D6
Repair: D8
Shooting: D4
Weird Science: D10

Curious (Major)
Doubting Thomas (Minor)
Greedy (Minor)


Hindrance points X2 to Edges, X2 to Attributes

Weird Science (arcane)
New Power (eccentric)
New Power (depressed)
New Power(schizophrenic)
New Power(Mumbler)
New Power(Absent minded)
New Power(Paranoia)

MALWARE Devices: Bolt, Burst, Healing, Deflection, Windstorm, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Havoc, Puppet, Zombie

Automaton assistant: Socrates
Infernal Device: Revitalization Chamber
Rocket pack

Colt Peacemaker .45
Bowie Knife
50 Rounds .45 Long Colt
Saddle and Tack
Saddle Bags
Bed Roll
Mess Kit
Long Johns
Leather Duster
Shirt x2
Gun Belt
Coffee 1lbs
Trail Rations 4 Days


Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe was born 3 June 1839 in Maryon Road, Charlton, Kent, England, the son of William Oglethorpe and Anne (Weatherby) Oglethorpe. Anne was the daughter of Captain Matthew Weatherby, surveyor of the Australian coastline, who spoke six languages and was a renowned explorer. Joshua Weatherby, Mordecai’s uncle, was an engineer who developed chemical processes for Johnson, Matthey & Co.

Weatherby was raised in a Christian household (his father being Plymouth Brethren), and was educated at home. He had no formal education in childhood, his father taught his son mathematics and chemistry, laying the foundation for his engineering career. At the age of eight, he was tutored in French, Latin, and Greek, until he had a collapse (some hint at a vague mystical encounter) and was taught at home. He also ventured his first chemical experimentations at eight, when friends visiting the family were describing the dangers of excavating a newly discovered substance (ghost rock). The boy was horrified to hear the crude mining techniques utilized, and protested that the earth should be pared away, inch by inch, to preserve as much of the ore as possible.

Academic career
The chair of Ghost Rock Engineering and Applications at Miskatonic University was set up and funded in 1866 by a bequest of Randolph Carter following his sudden death in that year. A supporter since Oglethorpe’s early career, Carter had instructed the board of regents that Oglethorpe should be its first incumbent. He continued his investigations in America after taking up the professorship, training many of the best inventors of the fledgling discipline.

Professor Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe continues to be an inventor and researcher of ghost rock properties and applications. His extensive academic portfolio began at the University of Glasgow, where he pursued programs in engineering and chemistry concurrently beginning at the tender age of fifteen. The Professor’s signature invention is currently under review by Hellstromme Industries acquisition management team. The Multifunction Apparatus for Lightwave Winnowing Augmentation Refraction and Emission (M.A.L.W.A.R.E.) has proven to be a highly effective and adaptable device, particularly in the hands of its creator.

Oglethorpe’s published reports on ghost rock survey and extraction techniques, and his analysis of the potential applications therein, were exemplary in methodology and accuracy, and still provide much of the basic data regarding the industrial applications of the substance to this day. Under his guidance, Miskatonic University has become known as a leader in ghost rock research engineering and applications, a remarkable achievement for an institution renowned for its more “esoteric” scholarly pursuits.

In his current journeys, the Professor has become interested in the potential applications of ghost rock used in conjunction with the revolutionary work of the brilliant (some would say mad) young Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The two have been in regular correspondence for some time, each benefiting from the other’s critiques and insight. They have plans to organize a conference in the near future to bring together other academics, researchers, and clinicians to present some of their findings and encourage the development of the field. One of Victor’s old classmates, Dr. Henry Jekyll, has recently come forward to pledge financial support for the conference.

Professor Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe

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