Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 7/16/17

Burke – You look like you’re eating a mouse… (Evee with cat ears eating licorice)

Evee – I could sneak up and… Cougar it up

Foy – Maybe when he was a kid he fell into the tank at Sea World and got attacked by an squid…
Burke – Eww…
Bentley – that happened when I was a kid
Evee – what? Attacked by a squid?

McCloud – Hey we don’t do that here… Anymore… (talking about slavery)
Maddie – Except maybe to Indians…
Kimi – …
McCloud – She said it first!
DJ – Well Indians have magic, so even then… Not really
Kimi – this is why she’s my favorite… (points to DJ)

McCloud – Uh Kimi… You gonna cougar it up any time soon?
Kimi – I thought you said you could handle it? I was letting you do your thing.
McCloud – yeah, my thing needs help…
Kimi – Fine… I guess I’ll cougar it up

Maddie – You should meow at them like a cat
Evee – They look and instead of a tiny cat it’s a huge Cougar, who grins at them
Risa – with blood dripping off her teeth

Foy – Your bad guys should start carrying balls of yarn
Burke – Yeah, here kitty kitty

Risa – Screw you
Burke – Just give me something to screw
Bentley – That sounds like a pun
Evee – A dirty pun but yeah
Bentley – For the record I didn’t do it… For once



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