Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 7/23/17

Foy – McCloud’s still on his horse…
Evee – Awe, get off of sparkleface.

Bentley – we can’t own the meet up without inviting Dan first
Cid – yeah, just type out “deadlands, full to Dan”

Evee – (to Bentleys bad guy, El Heffe) doesn’t that mean “the cow”
Burke – no, that’s El Heffer, his name is El Heffe

(the group is told they’re all starving)
Cid – don’t we have a cook?
Burke – oh yeah! Wait, where’s sparkleface?
Evee -McCloud’s in the background going "sparkleface! Here, sparkleface! "

(an actual child can be heard screaming from upstairs)
Burke – the graveyard is full of banshees…
Foy – maybe McCloud’s just seen where we were
Cid – McCloud, let her go!

(the last at the counter calls out Barbara)
Cid – of, that’s me
Evee – wait, what? Do you have a secret?
Cid – no, I just use a woman’s name when I’m ordering a salad

Foy – wearing assless chaps…
Burke – well, chaps are by definition assless or they’d be pants
Foy – well that way you don’t think I have a chapped ass

(rolls a 30 to turn into a hawk)
Evee – oh, I am such an awesome hawk, I’ve got golden feathers
Bentley – alright, so hawk it up
Evee – that sounds kinda gross

Evee – we could just attack and get the fight over with…
McCloud – … I’ll be in the ship
Evee – so brave McCloud

Evee – I’m gonna give you guys the finger and…
(entire group starts laughing)
Cid – screw you guys I’m going home

Bentley – of course they both scream being attacked by a bird Cougar…
Evee – bird Cougar? So… A bougar?
Burke – no, a cird
Evee – that’s not better
Burke – it’s not supposed to be
Bentley – maybe it’s a cougird

Cid – you can’t take sleep…
Evee – Awe… Wait, it’s called slumber!
Cid – no… Still not…
Evee – Awe, but… I want it
Cid – pray to your weird gods
Evee – Hey, those are my people!
Cid – Is that why you wander around with a dog?
Evee – he’s a wolf… And that’s my father
Cid – … That explains a lot

Evee – is there anyone else up there?
Bentley – McCloud…
Evee -oh… Tempting
Burke – "oops, in so sorry McCloud, I got lost in the blood lust

Foy – how many balls does the canon have
Risa – he only has one ball
Burke – so does the canon…



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