Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 11/13/16

Wang Jokes made a very brief comeback (mostly because of the scribes notice of none from the previous week)

Bentley was actually in the lead! With 2
Burke and Risa had one each
Nobody else bothered

Professor – (thinking out loud to himself) hmm… teleportation sounds fun…

The group begins the adventure surrounded by a ridiculous amount of soldiers, we are clearly outnumbered and there is a hope that we may be capable of negotiations, but the Professor makes this much more difficult than it needs to be by refusing to let go of the jet pack that he took from the corpse found in the previous game.
Risa in an attempt to rescue us all plays a card! Reinforcements come to help, surrounding the soldiers and giving us the advantage of outnumbering them! Hah hah! At this moment Evee considers playing her own card… a card that would bring in reinforcements again, but this time for the other team. If only we had reinforcements for the reinforcements! Luckily, everyone (with the exception of Burke who thought it would have been hilarious) talked her out of it.

Burke/DJ – (in an attempt to explain their current situation) We were with the cattle drive when we saw this man fall from the sky…
Professor – Gratuitously… quite gratuitously

Bentley – You run into Uncle Hooton
Burke – Uncle who? Is he an Owl? (He then proceeds to hoot like an owl)

Burke – (while talking about playing ourselves in a zombie apocalypse game, which I STILL say sounds like a super fun night!) It’s not always a good idea, because you got that one guy who thinks he has D12 in smarts. (Turns to Foy, mockingly) Really Foy, you have D12 Smarts?
Foy – (makes a Foy face… do I even have to describe it?) Maybe I do…
Burke – Most guys would get offended (to finish his point)
On a side note, I vote for a zombie game where we play as ourselves! xD

Bentley – You wake up and see crows flying above ominously
Foy/McCloud – (to Risa) Can you call off your friends please?
Professor – Actually, they’re probably hers (points to Kimi)
Evee/Kimi – sorry, apparently I was singing in my sleep…

Burke – (talking about the red shirts horrible notice rolls) they graduated from the Evee school of watch…
Evee – … Hey!

Foy/McCloud – Eh… I’ll go after the nearest target
Bentley – so… the professor? (sounding way too hopeful)
Foy/McCloud – Heh… no
Bentley – Aww (again, sounding way too disappointed)

Foy/McCloud – McCloud has that 2rd leg going on, huh? (nudges Evee and winks)
Evee/Kimi – Ugh, I hope that’s not what you’re touching me with (scoots away)

Foy/McCloud – That’s right, I’m her Kryptonite (talking about Kimi, per usual) wait, is that a good or a bad thing?
Evee/Kimi – I think it depends on who you ask…
Burke/DJ – I think everyone but you would say a bad thing

Risa rolls double ones…
Foy/McCloud – she’s going to become possessed isn’t she?
Evee/Kimi – yes… and you’re right next to her. Aren’t her green eyes pretty… and glowing?

(I know I’m cutting it kinda close with quotes this week, but I got them up! See you in a couple hours! Evee)

The professor on the trail

Professor Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe, 14th day of November 1879, in the company of the troubleshooters:

Our most recent incident in which we encountered yet another attack from an unseemingly endless plethora of foes and attackers, I was once again able to put to the test the medicinal and healing properties of Ghost Rock. While my original configuration of the elixir proved to be perhaps too strong for some, particularly those with less hearty constitutions, the addition of bismuth and a small amount of sarsaparilla seemed to be sufficient to sooth the gastrointestinal distress experience by some of my former patients. In addition, I was able to successfully produce a more portable tablet form comprised of the admixture made more palatable with the addition of black strap molasses and cane sugar.

While my fellow troubleshooters are yet reluctant to utilize the medicinal and healing properties of these newly developed medicines, and number of the Hands were more than grateful as they suffered some grievous wounds during the last encounter. It is my hope to continue development along this line of biological research. To this end, I have tasked Socrates with contacting some of my colleagues in order to have some ingredients shipped to Roswell, enabling me to explore other possibilities.

Quotes 11/06/16

For the first time in Deadlands games history (ours anyway), Wang did not make an appearance…

Bentley rolls his dice, and it falls into the crack of the table
Burke: Quit aiming for the crack!

Foy/McCloud: I’ll go get the cows, let’s mooooove
Evee/Kimi: That’s so terrible… Bentley would be embarrassed

After the cards are dealt, the professor spends his turn attempting to talk the zombies into letting him experiment on their corpses.

Bentley: (To McCloud) he feels a strong sucking sensation on his… soul
Foy/McCloud: (makes several verbal “Moaning” sounds…)

Foy/McCloud: (to Kimi’s rolling badly) Shooting blanks again huh?
Evee/Kimi: You would know. You are the expert after all.

Foy: I rolled double one’s, I’m not seeing nothing…
Evee: (sarcastically) he’s looking at lady bugs
Burke: Well you know, lady’s (clicks his tongue and winks)
Evee: Eww, McCloud, what are you doing over there?
Foy: getting my soul sucked…

Professor: (Upon realizing that no Wang jokes had been made for the day) There haven’t been any Wang jokes
Burke – Well, Wanguendos

(The professor talks about experimenting on the beans, to which the idea of ‘screaming beans’ came about)
Bentley: you thought regular beans were musical
Burke: Yeah, scream beans. Whenever someone farts, you hear screams.
(Note: this was written with zero enthusiasm from the scribe)

Evee: Okay, Risa’s gone and you all revert to fart jokes. Risa needs to come back, I miss her!
Bentley: Oh, write that down! So I have proof…

(the group come upon an old abandoned house, everyone except the professor intends on staying well back)
Professor: But someone might be trapped. They might need our help
DJ: (who has heroism) … damn it (starts walking towards the house)

Evee/Kimi: (to McCloud being fed way too many compliments) Don’t stroke his ego…
Foy/McCloud: She can stroke something…

Burke: Here Foy, you can play this card on her (hands over the romance card)
Foy: No thanks, I’ve got Kimi…
Everyone else (including Kimi) what?

Foy/McCloud: Kimi, can you charm them?
Evee/Kimi: well, I can bat my eyelashes at them… (sarcastically)
Foy/McCloud: Well no! They aren’t trouser snakes

Foy/McCloud: I’m gonna shake the snakes
Barry/Professor: You should be good at that…

(Thank you for playing and have a good week)

The Professor in Sutter's Flats

Prof. Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe, the 5th day of November in the year 1879, in the company of the troubleshooters in the hamlet of Sutter’s Flats:

This small hamlet has had its share of activity as of late. We were fortunate enough to have an encounter with a creature known as a chupacabra when we were newly arrived, and even more fortunate still to have taken the care to preserve the anatomy of greatest scientific interest. Although quite small and relatively limited in terms of equipment, I was able to learn a great deal about the creature through dissection and experimentation with various tissues. I would, of course, be able to learn a great deal more if we can capture the next specimen alive, which would provide opportunity for a more in-depth examination of the biological and neurological functioning of such an intriguing creature.

One unexpected discovery during my post-mortem inspection of the chupacabra glandular system was an enzyme with exciting properties. This unique liquid was extracted from what appears to be a central organ of the creature. The prehensile proboscis of the chupacabra, which resembles an extremely powerful and muscled tentacle ending in an orifice resembling that of a lamprey, is directly connected to a large organ occupying the space where heart, lungs, and other organs in other large vertebrates are typically located. This organ appears to serve multiple functions of those primary organs, as well as being enmeshed with a large section of the creature’s spine. Central to this fascinating organ is a gland at the base where blood is taken in from prey, and the secretions of this gland are thought to mix with the fresh blood as it is ingested.

Upon closer examination of this liquid, it appears to have a catalytic effect upon the fresh blood. Further experimentation revealed this enzyme had a similar effect upon ghost rock powder, facilitating solubility of ground ghost rock , which enables the creation of elixirs containing stable ghost rock solutions. I was able to extract approximately 2 quarts of enzyme, which should enable the creation of approximately 2 gallons of ghost rock solution. Such a stable solution opens a number of exciting avenues of medical applications. Although I currently don’t have the equipment of facilities to conduct a proper experiment, I anticipate a strong synergistic effect when utilizing the rejuvenation chamber and the elixir in tandem.

Quotes 10/30/16

I won’t lie, the quotes were particularly difficult to do this week, there didn’t seem to be as many jokes… but I managed to scrape up a few good ones before the game ended.

The Wang Jokes hit a dismal performance, with only a total of four that I caught through the entire game… although Wang, himself, was mentioned several times… he continues to be missed.

Burke and Risa were the only two to be marked with Wang jokes. Burke with 3, Risa with 1

(In a moment between an npc and our characters)
Bentley – Instead you chose to take the lazy ass way…
Risa/Maddie – Hey, don’t talk about McCloud that way!
Foy/McCloud – Yeah! Wait… what?

(McCloud bravely stands up, prepared to fight a veteran duelist…)
Risa/Maddie – What do you want on your tombstone?
Foy/McCloud – Pepperoni?
Risa/Maddie – okay, pepperoni it is… And that’s what you’ll be remembered for in death…

Bentley – Do you have a cook amongst your party. We are in desperate need… what about you? (looks to the professor hopefully, who perks up with interest) Would you like to volunteer?
Risa/Maddie – Oh no! He isn’t!
Barry/Professor – I would love to be the cook! It’s just like alchemy…
Entire Group – (Immediately votes for someone else, while complaining about the aftertaste of ghost rock)

Barry/Professor – is Kimi or McCloud still hurt at all?
Evee/Kimi – No, I’ve already healed everything… we’re good…
Barry/Professor – well you see, I have this bottle (pulls out a bottle made of ghost rock) it’s for aches and pains… it’ll help
Kimi – (pokes at it with a stick)
Risa/Maddie – why is it green?
Burke/DJ – That’s just the coloring on the bottle…
Evee/Kimi – why is it glowing?

(The group decided to end this session with a bit of roleplaying talking about some of the characters greatest desires)
Burke/DJ – (talking about her desire to revenge her husband’s death) He murdered my husband…
Risa/Maddie – you was married?!
Burke/DJ – … yes
Risa/Maddie – I find that hard to believe…
Burke/DJ – it’s easy when you don’t smell of brimstone

Bentley – Anybody else have a story about their greatest desire?
Risa/Maddie – I do!
Foy/McCloud – (groans) Uh oh…
Burke/DJ – Oh god, here we go!

Foy/McCloud – (in demon voice, he imitates Maddie) I was once a little girl with glowing green eyes…

Foy/McCloud – My great grand pappy once told me “McCloud… you want riches… or you want bitches?” And I decided that I’d get riches… then just pay for my bitches.
Evee/Kimi – You aren’t rich enough yet…

Quotes 10/23/16

The jokes made a tiny bit of a come back from last week (no pun intended…)

Burke, Evee and Barry – with three
Bentley and Risa – with one
Foy gave us nothing… (per usual)

(Upon asking the GM if she could have her benny for doing the quotes for the day, the scribe received this conversation)
Bentley – You’re doing quotes? You have your notebook?
Evee – (having left it in the car) yeah, I went out to get it… and look, I came back with a Foy (who had, indeed come in with Evee)
Barry – That’s a pretty good trick
Evee – Tah Dah (complete with flourish)
Burke – Yeah, nothing up her sleeves, watch her pull Foy out of her ass!

Bentley – (his character having been gagged by DJ, mumbles furiously)
Barry – that sounds very close to “I’m warning you”

Risa/Maddie – “I am not in denial!”

(In reference to the cattle drive they’ve all been hired to do)
Risa/Maddie – I don’t want to be in the back. I’d rather be in the front.
Burke/DJ – She does know we’re talking about cattle… right?
Risa/Maddie – … what? (genuinely confused)

Bentley – (while talking to the group) have any of you ever broken a horse?
Evee – Kimi probably has…
Burke – DJ too
Professor – The professor hasn’t intentionally broken any horses…

Burke – (remembering) oh yeah, you forgot to write McCloud’s new name last week for the quotes… The Urkel kid

Bentley – the “steaks” are very high (talking about killing the cow we were supposed to be saving)

Burke – (in response to Kimi being covering in spiders) you could go rub off on the cow…
Evee – I don’t want to rub off on a cow!

McCloud – (in a “sincere” attempt to help Kimi with her spider problem) Try taking off your clothes.
Rise/Maddie – good thing she doesn’t understand him…
Evee – yeah… and if he tries himself, her father will bite off his reason for wanting her naked…
Risa – then we’ll have lost two Wangs

Bentley proceeds to go on a pun “stampede” about cows… while the rest of the group try to “steer” clear of the endless “slaughter” of jokes.

(Here are this weeks quotes, hope everyone has a great week! Cheers, Evee)

Quotes 10/16/16

I’m doing quotes early again this week. See, I’m capable of not waiting until the last possible minute. (I see, good job! :)

With Wang leaving our group (you will be missed) the jokes took a terrible drop in numbers

Burke and Foy with 2 each
Bentley and Evee with 1
and Barry with nothing

(In discussing McCloud’s decision to come along or stay behind)
Evee/Kimi – Are you coming? Or are you staying here, in all your glory?
Foy/McCloud – It is glorious (he says in complete confidence)

(The group got in a discussion about what to do with a cow we managed to save from the water)
Evee/Kimi – I could just have the wolf attack it…
Foy/McCloud – No, just shoot it in the head
Barry/Professor – it’s like extreme cow tipping.

(Upon finding a strange glowing rock in the dragon’s cave, the Professor walks up to it and begins to poke it in his investigation)
Burke/DJ – He’s touching the glowie part… we’re leaving (Before he makes something explode… which he is inclined to do quite often)

Evee/Kimi – McCloud would know the art of running away…
Foy/McCloud – Hey! It’s called tactical retreat

(In a discussion on where and how to hang the map so that we can all see it without Bentley having to hold it up)
Burke – you hang it right there…
Bentley – Then I’ll have use of this arm
Burke – I don’t want to know what you use it for…

Foy/McCloud – (In response to the second professor’s talk of natives who don’t like ghost rock) It’s a bunch of geeks being picked on by really cool pirates.

Barry/Professor – (to Evee and Foy) Get a room!
Foy/McCloud – Are you coming onto me?!
Barry/Professor – Stop lookin’ at my junk!

(the group then decided to start talking like a bunch of old school rap gangsters… drop the mic)

Bentley – Who you callin’ Junk?

Evee/Kimi – (offended) He insulted my Indian intelligence
Foy – if you even understand that…
Bentley – that deserves a benny! It was funny
Evee – don’t reward him for that!

Bentley – (in reference to the professor slowly losing his mind to the ghost rock) the descent is relatively painless…
Burke/Evee – (simultaneously) Painless for him!

Evee – (talking about the professor) he’s a man of science… but he’s also a thief
Barry – well, he has to fund his inventions

Evee/Kimi – McCloud would know all about mechanical failure…
Foy/McCloud – only because you bring my bad luck
Evee/Kimi – you can’t blame me for your failures as a man

Bentley – she’s actually going to bolt… off that way (points off of the map)
Foy/McCloud – Oh well, here, you forgot your bullet!

(jokes were dirty this week, but fun! See you next week! <3 Evee)

The Professor after the encounter with the "ghosts"

Prof. Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe, the 12th day of October in the year 1879, in the company of the troubleshooters on an island near the city of Shan Fan:

On the outskirts of Shan Fan, my intrepid companions and I were confronted by some intriguing ectoplasmic entities. Of course, the more superstitious members of our company referred to these creatures as “ghosts”, but I will endeavor to discover the scientific explanation of both the makeup of their corpus and the nature of their powers.

Speaking of powers, the elegant Miss James demonstrated an extraordinary new power, literally incinerating the ectoplasmic creatures in a brilliant ball of green fire. I must reserve some time in the near future to develop an analogous device in order to be prepared to defend against ever more dangerous foes. The blast of baleful green radiance was truly astounding, so much so that I believe even one of Kang’s ironclads would stand little chance of surviving such an onslaught.

Once again, I put the electro-deflection shield to the test and it performed admirably. I am quite sure the recalibration of main capacitor and energy flow regulator will ensure a noticeable increase in activation reliability. There are a few circumstances in which I would still like to examine the performance of the shield. My research suggests the device should maintain integrity, but I have unfortunately only been targeted by relatively mundane attacks while the electro-deflection shield was active. For example, a more powerful attack such as Miss James’ devastating blast would truly test the limits of the protective properties of the shield.

Such a field test, if successful, would provide strong evidence of the efficacy of the electro-deflection shield. Of course, I cannot openly request of my companions to seek out ever more deadly encounters (they would perhaps think me quite mad). However, my band of “troubleshooters” seem to find dangerous adversaries as easily as fish find water. The only potentially problematic variable I can foresee is the potential for an undesirable reaction between the energy of such an attack and the energy of the shield itself. While Miss James’ newfound energy blast appears to be analogous to that of my ghostfire-fueled devices, there may be unknown and as yet unmeasured components that could yield unforeseen influence to the equation.

Considering such morbid possibilities, it would likely be beneficial to train one or more of my companions in the basic operation of the revitalization chamber. Regrettably, this may be the more difficult and perhaps unobtainable goal. It is almost certain that the inscrutable Wang and the unsophisticated Kimi would even consider touching one of my “infernal” devices. Although he exudes the persona and appearance of a rough and tumble gunslinger, McCloud would also be an unlikely candidate as he continues to be very skittish and reluctant when I offer to heal his wounds with the revitalization glove or improve his ever-malfunctioning firearms.

While she has shown courage and tenacity, I am unsure that Dakota Jo possesses the intellectual capacity to understand the complexities of the chamber, even if I were to provide written instructions (can she read? I must remember to ask her sometime). That leaves the refined Miss James, who I am sure could perform the task. However, she often seems to be on the front lines and may be in need of the chamber herself. In order to be prepared for this most dire of possible circumstances, I will provide both written instructions as well as train Socrates in the basic operation of the revitalization chamber.

Quotes 10/09/16

Wang Jokes

(apparently the lack of Wang brought the worst Wang out of everybody)

1st place: Tied Burke and Bentley with 8
2nd place: Barry with 4
3rd place: Tied Evee and Risa

(I know there were a lot more than I put here, but I was only somewhat paying attention to them)

Bentley – (the group heads to the shore) and as luck would have it…
Burke – Steamin’ Pile is there (in reference to Steamin’ Joe, seeing as nobody can remember his name)

Risa/Maddie – Just the way I like it, shady and cool
Burke/DJ – Unlike the hell fires of home…

Barry – The professor is powering up!
Burke – yeah, powering up his giant dildo to fuck us all

Barry – Maddie go down the hole (in Plucky Duck style)

Risa/Maddie – Did you guys hear McCloud screaming? (in reference to McCloud splitting the party and getting himself into trouble)
Evee/Kimi – Sounded like a little girl to me (in Sioux, of course)

Risa – (in defense of being marked for making Wang jokes) This has nothing to do with Wang. It’s a big black snake.

Burke – (mimicking the snake) “come here baby, let big black mama take care of you…”

Barry – It was that blue benny that got you in trouble…
Foy – No! It was fear of that god forsaken machine! (towards the machine that the professor insists on somebody trying)

(Upon being attacked, Foy manages to keep himself from dying, but it isn’t until the girls arrive that the creature is finally killed and Foy is rescued… you’re welcome McCloud!)
Foy – This is all about me
Bentley – The McCloud chronicles

Burke – If you heal just by touching, I’m sure McCloud can find a few places that need healing (makes suggestive gesture)
Evee – well, it is the McCloud Chronicles after all, he deserves a happy ending.

(Not too many quotes this week, but we got a little down and dirty this week. Have fun picking from this bunch! Evee)

The Professor in the aftermath of Kang's fortress

Prof. Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe, the 9th day of October in the year 1879, in the aftermath of the altercation with Kang’s hirelings:

I have been reunited with my companions, and quite predictably we once again became embroiled in the ongoing intrigue that is the nature of Shan Fan. Political machinations, shadowy figures, and outright violence seem to be part of the everyday activities that drive the economy, culture, and government. One of the warlords, Kang, has proven to be quite dangerous and deadly, particularly when it comes to the wellbeing of my companions and innocents who are unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire.

On a more personal note, I have to admit I was somewhat anxious to engage some of Kang’s forces as it was the first opportunity to field test my latest invention—the electro-deflection shield I designed to simulate the seemingly miraculous ability of Wang to avoid attacks (including bullets at times, I am still working on a rational explanation for those instances). In the heat of battle, I am happy to note the deflection shield performed admirably. Of course, as with any newly created technology, minor adjustments or malfunctions are to be expected.

I would think that my companions would understand the nature of scientific inquiry and progress, but they still are quite skittish around my devices. I would hope that they will eventually become more at ease with scientific devices…while there is some small chance of injury, my inventions have proven to be more beneficial than harmful to our group…on balance.

The revitalization chamber will be perhaps be the best way to convince my fellow troubleshooters of the invaluable benefit of new science. I would hope that they could see the incredible results that have brought a growing number of victims back from the precipice of the abyss…and most recently, brought the unfortunate traveler in Shan Fan back from the dead. From the most recent reports, he has physically recovered to an astonishing degree…his strength has been described as almost superhuman. Unfortunately, the mental and emotional trauma he experienced was also severe, and the traveler is still struggling to recover his composure and mental capacity (the Chinese healers report bouts of severe depression as well as violent outbursts). I must include their extensive notes in my future experiments with improving the revitalization chamber.


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