Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Adventure summary 12/4/16

Tonight’s adventure takes up with a fight between The Troubleshooters and the forces of Hellstrom. After the group destroyed the War Wagon, they were left facing an automaton and a manned gyrocopter. Though the automaton’s gatling gun jammed, it popped claws and started (slowly) chasing our heroes about while they pumped bullets into it, all the while dodging the autogyro as it rained down bundles of dynamite upon them. Dakota Joe finally managed to put a bullet into the brain pan of the automaton, severally crippling it. Deciding to leave it to McCloud to finish off, she put a bullet into the autogyro pilot’s brain pan as well, killing the pilot and bringing down the gyro. Joe also finished off the automaton, when McCloud proved unable.

A small party of Union Cavalry scouts arrived to see what all the hubbub was about but arrived to late to be of any service.

With the Dutchman dead, automaton, gyrocopter and war wagon destroyed, the cattle drive continued unmolested towards Camp Hades, Colorado.

While scouting ahead, Joe and McCloud come across a wagon with dead settlers and horse coming from the west toward Camp Hades. Upon inspection Joe determines that they were traveling from the town Coffin Rock due to a token for a theatre located there and clues indicate that they were killed by none other than, Pete Swindon.

So the trouble shooters (well Joe) decide to pursue. Figuring he was headed toward Coffin Rock, by his tracks, the group headed to Camp Hades to catch the train and hopefully get to Coffin Rock ahead of him.

Arriving at Coffin Rock after an uneventful train and horse ride (how often does that happen!) our heroes find a bust mining town. Most of the buildings are burned out, abandoned or unoccupied. The town is obviously cursed or haunted as they keep seeing shadows move, blood stains where none exist, etc. out of the corners of their eyes. McCloud and Joe head to the Saloon to search for Swindon but before they can get there they hear a scream, proclamations of innocence and pleas for help from an abandoned house. Joe rushes to see if she can help against McCloud’s protestations to not get involved. They find an obviously unhinged man holding a gun on several locals. Joe sneaks into the room, gun drawn but tries to reason with the man. He tells her that the local Marshal is accusing him of a murder he didn’t commit, won’t tell him whom he has murdered and locked him up. He says he escaped with the help of a couple of the deputies because one of them was his brother in law. Joe suspects that they let him loose so that the Marshal can hunt him down for fun. The townsfolk confirm that he’s a “take ’em in dead” type lawman. She talks him into giving over his pistol and letting the townsfolk go as it just makes him look guilty. After the townsfolk leave, she takes pity on him and lets him “escape” and her and McCloud continue on to the saloon called “The Six Feet Under”.

Here we find the mayor of Coffin Rock, nursing a whiskey and his time piece expectantly. After buying a drink and questioning the bar keep about Swindon, Joe leaves a couple of Swindons wanted posters with the barkeep, the pair depart for the theatre in town.

Joe and McCloud find the theatre but have no success, as the owner of the theatre does not recall ever having seen Swindon but McCloud is successful in buying a ticket for the nights show and a token for a second free show. Joe has the token she found on Swindon’s victims, so is in no need of a ticket. As the pair leave the theatre, the bell of the church rings one time and a single gunshot is heard immediately after. So Joe and McCloud head down the street to check out the church but while passing the abandoned school house on the way, the wraith of a dead child charges out. The pair, as spooked as the horses quickly escape and meet at the church…

The only quote of the game I can remember:

Bartender: Would you like a drink?
McCloud: No thanks, I’m driving!
Dakota Joe: A “Cattle Drive”!



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