Valley of the Sun - Deadlands


Evee – How many power points do you have
Risa – 15
Evee – Oh then you take it i have more
Risa – Yeah but i can always make a deal with my friends
Evee – Oh yeah, she’s got friends on the other side

Evee – I should totally get points for working in a Disney reference
Burke – What reference
Evee – Friends from the other side from princess and the frog
Dan – Oh no it only counts if it’s a Disney movie that people have seen
Burke – Yeah i don’t think anyone has seen that one

Bentley – You guys hear moaning coming from the bushes
Burke & Dan – It’s McCloud
Cid – Moaning McCloud from Hogwarts
Evee – Awe nobody likes moaning McCloud

Bentley – Are you going to do anything else with the rabbit?
Evee – … Is that a euphemism?

Evee – (talking about running) I was gonna move back but I’m loyal… And i don’t think she’d just ditch McCloud…
Foy – (mimicking McCloud) Okay so I’m gonna shoot while you… Uh… Kimi?(after noticing that Kimi ditched him)

Risa – Zombies in da house! (After zombies attack the house)

Bentley – He’s going to attack
Cid – That’s a she… And tweety is probably close by
Evee – She does look like granny
Cid – She carries a bird cage with a Zombified tweety bird

Bentley – She attacks Wang… (She misses) And spends a Benny
Risa – She really wants Wang…
Burke – Well it’s been awhile for her

Risa – Awe he shot bubbles!
Dan – Bubbles McCloud is shaking
Risa – (sings) Shake shake shake…
Dan – Shaking bubbles

McCloud – Hey it’s my parade
DJ – No it’s not gay pride

(After Kim planning on killing the guy refusing to let them leave… He’s threatened by another group)
Cid – this doesn’t sound right
Burke – Yeah she wouldn’t be Ojai with that
Evee – yeah i don’t suppose we can just let him be killed…

Risa – The man in brown just doesn’t sound intimidating
Evee – No but at least he wore his brown pants
Dan – Yeah he came prepared for the day
Risa – The man in brown sounds more like McCloud



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