Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 1/15/17

Foy is pouting because of the heavy McCloud bashing from the week before
Bentley – You could wind up with a happy ending McCloud…

Foy/McCloud – (in response to crowding Evee with his stuff) I’ll put my junk anywhere I want!

Foy/McCloud – Oh no, you’re on fire. Quick, take off your clothes! (to Kimi… more attempts)
Evee/Kimi – That’s your solution to everything
Burke/DJ – Only when it comes to you

Risa/Maddie – (to Foy returning from getting a drink) You left and you decided to take your clothes off
Foy/McCloud – That’s a great bonus for everyone
Burke/DJ – No, we’re all blinded
Evee/Kimi – Everybody, make a guts check
Burke/DJ – Can I choose to fail and vomit?

Bentley – (in an attempt to attack McCloud) Double ones, it stalls
Foy/McCloud – He can’t handle McCloud’s awesomeness!

Bentley – Kimi suffers 9 damage
Foy/McCloud – Watch out Kimi! (he says a beat too late)
Evee/Kimi – … thanks for the warning, it’s great having McCloud behind my back
Burke/DJ – More like on your back… like a monkey
Evee/Kimi – or a dog

Bentley – You hit him, and your knife begins to glow red
Burke/DJ – … and starts to melt, burning your arm, setting him on fire! (In response to McCloud causing damage)

Bentley – (trying to decide on who to attack) He’ll attack Kimi if he makes his smarts roll… which he didn’t, so he’ll attack McCloud.
Foy/McCloud – wait, what?
Evee/Kimi – yeah, he’s not smart enough to go after the real threat apparently…

Evee/Kimi – I’m gonna whack him…
Burke/DJ – She already got to second base?
Risa/Maddie – yeah, with a tomahawk
Burke/DJ – …ouch

McCloud hits the monster with a raise and does a whopping five damage.
Evee/Kimi – you tickled him, he goes ‘tee hee’ and decides your no longer worth his time.

Bentley – (upon returning to the town, McCloud winds up in the store where a horde of bees were last seen) Because of your amazing fortitude…
Burke – and manly body odor…
Bentley – You manage to escape the bees

Bentley – you see something bound in leather
Risa/Maddie – Leather?
Evee/Kimi – (Sarcastically) can you tell if it’ll fit Maddie?

Bentley – they reach under their robes and pull out clubs
Evee/Kimi – what else are they hiding under their robes?
Burke/DJ – he already told you, their clubs…

(hope everyone enjoys the quotes, see you tomorrow!)



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