Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 1/22/17

Bentley – make a fear check at -4
Evee – minus 4?!
Bentley – well, it’s a big demon
Evee – shouldn’t we get a bonus, we hang out with Maddie…

Burke – (after developing a phobia of the demon) anyone in their right mind, excluding Maddie, would be afraid of a demon.

(after failing his guts check against the demon, the wolf runs and hides behind Maddie)
DJ – shouldn’t you be hiding behind your daughter?
Kimi – you’re making better roles than me
DJ – oh yeah, I’m actually competent.
Kimi – hey!

Burke – (realizing he shot the wrong thing) oh yeah, I was supposed to shoot that guy. Sorry, my demon phobia took over.
Evee – he should get a benny for that
Bentley – if he had said it during his turn I would have
Evee – but it’s funnier that he said it now…

Evee – well, she likes DJ…
Foy – but fancies McCloud
Evee/Kimi – only in your dreams McCloud
Foy – so he wins either way! It’s only a matter of time…

McCloud – I could just dump holy water and then give him a hug
Burke – go for it…
Evee – show him a lesson
Sid – he’s got practice from pouring oil all over himself
McCloud – only this time it’s free
Evee – you mean you won’t have to pay this time?

Evee – we keep forgetting about size
Bentley – well size matters
Evee – yeah, but McCloud might disagree with that…

Sid – you could shoot the gun through the holy water, that way it splashes all over
Evee – yeah, but then it would splash him and McCloud would be burning
Burke – and if Maddie was around, she’d be burning
McCloud – everyone would be burning
Evee – … Except me
Burke – and me…

Evee – yeah, he took it
Burke – just like McCloud…

McCloud – we could uber horses
Burke – sure, dial them up

Bentley – you might be able to get some townfolk on your side
Sid – so we’re going to riot the townsfolk!

McCloud – it’s the sand people
Burke – (makes sand people noises)
Bentley – (to Sid) see what I have to deal with?
Burke – (to Sid) yeah, start helping!

Bentley – (after shooting and missing) that was a warning shot…
Sid – (shoots and kills the guy) that’s my warning shot…

McCloud – Awe, you’re wounded too?
Burke – yeah but he’s not whining about it…
Sid – and I lost an arm (after the figure actually lost an arm)



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