Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 10/16/16

I’m doing quotes early again this week. See, I’m capable of not waiting until the last possible minute. (I see, good job! :)

With Wang leaving our group (you will be missed) the jokes took a terrible drop in numbers

Burke and Foy with 2 each
Bentley and Evee with 1
and Barry with nothing

(In discussing McCloud’s decision to come along or stay behind)
Evee/Kimi – Are you coming? Or are you staying here, in all your glory?
Foy/McCloud – It is glorious (he says in complete confidence)

(The group got in a discussion about what to do with a cow we managed to save from the water)
Evee/Kimi – I could just have the wolf attack it…
Foy/McCloud – No, just shoot it in the head
Barry/Professor – it’s like extreme cow tipping.

(Upon finding a strange glowing rock in the dragon’s cave, the Professor walks up to it and begins to poke it in his investigation)
Burke/DJ – He’s touching the glowie part… we’re leaving (Before he makes something explode… which he is inclined to do quite often)

Evee/Kimi – McCloud would know the art of running away…
Foy/McCloud – Hey! It’s called tactical retreat

(In a discussion on where and how to hang the map so that we can all see it without Bentley having to hold it up)
Burke – you hang it right there…
Bentley – Then I’ll have use of this arm
Burke – I don’t want to know what you use it for…

Foy/McCloud – (In response to the second professor’s talk of natives who don’t like ghost rock) It’s a bunch of geeks being picked on by really cool pirates.

Barry/Professor – (to Evee and Foy) Get a room!
Foy/McCloud – Are you coming onto me?!
Barry/Professor – Stop lookin’ at my junk!

(the group then decided to start talking like a bunch of old school rap gangsters… drop the mic)

Bentley – Who you callin’ Junk?

Evee/Kimi – (offended) He insulted my Indian intelligence
Foy – if you even understand that…
Bentley – that deserves a benny! It was funny
Evee – don’t reward him for that!

Bentley – (in reference to the professor slowly losing his mind to the ghost rock) the descent is relatively painless…
Burke/Evee – (simultaneously) Painless for him!

Evee – (talking about the professor) he’s a man of science… but he’s also a thief
Barry – well, he has to fund his inventions

Evee/Kimi – McCloud would know all about mechanical failure…
Foy/McCloud – only because you bring my bad luck
Evee/Kimi – you can’t blame me for your failures as a man

Bentley – she’s actually going to bolt… off that way (points off of the map)
Foy/McCloud – Oh well, here, you forgot your bullet!

(jokes were dirty this week, but fun! See you next week! <3 Evee)



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