Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

Quotes 6/4/17

Quotes 6/4/17

Bentley – I got shot by a player character
Burke – Did you tell a pun?
Risa – … He told two
Burke – So that’s why he shot you…

Bentley – you see there is a grate there
Barry – that’s rather presumptious to assume that they are great
Bentley – Perhaps they’re ungreatful…
Evee – Don’t encourage the puns

Evee – Hmm, I’m trying to decide if I should cougar it up or not
Bentley – Is that a verb now?
Evee – It could be now
Bentley – OKay, write that down

(Foy gets a Joker)
Bentley – Once again, it’s the McCloud show
Foy – and I’m going to surrendor
Risa – if you surrendor, I’m gonna kill you
Foy – oh, okay…

Cid – Surrendor
Bentley – I’m warning you
Cid – what?
Bentley – are you deff?
Cid – what?
Bentley – what?
Cid – Exactly!

Burke – This says it brings the area to a stand still
Foy – Which area?
Cid – Are you talking about Foy’s area? (makes gesture)
Evee – Foy’s area comes to a stand still, seems rare

Bentley – Everyone in the area is shaken, you said something so horrible that it shakes them
Risa – No, he said he was doing something obscene
Foy – Come on guys, lets be realistic, he probably said something so sexy, that everybody got shaken from desire
Evee – Eww…
Cid – I think he just shook me for real (grabs a shaken token)
Evee – Now we know why Sparkleface is always shaking

Bentley – I can tell you about the reckoning
Risa – What’s the reckoning
Cid – Oh, I can tell you all about the reckoning…
Risa – … Oh, uh oh
Evee – The reckoning isn’t like the rapture is it?

Bentley – Rose petal sue who had a crush on Wang
Burke/Risa – Awe, well she’s going to be disappointed we don’t have any Wang
Foy – see, you opened the flood gates



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