Valley of the Sun - Deadlands

The Professor's Field Test Assessment

Prof. Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe, the 31st day of May in the year 1880, in the company of the Troubleshooters in the aftermath of the Cedar City symposium attack:

It is unfortunate that so many were subjected to the violence and wanton destruction that took place at the symposium. It is disheartening to see colleagues, and I use this term very loosely, stoop to such simple-minded actions. Surely, I would hope that one with the intellectual potential evidenced in the creation of an exquisite automaton would have the wherewithal and mental fortitude to refrain from such base and desperate actions. It is actions such as these that perpetuate the stereotype of the “mad scientist” held by the average layperson. It was fortunate, however, that my fellow travelers and I were able to minimize the damage as well as human fatalities.

Despite the tragic loss of life, I found solace in a successful field test of the Revivification Scarab. The theorized function of electrolysis appears to have been supported. The electrolysis of my proprietary blended elixir in this first application was both efficacious and expeditious. The revivification of the subject cadavers was nearly instantaneous once the electrified subcutaneous injection was delivered. However, it was not possible to obtain an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the subjects in a typical combat situation as the heavily armed and armored automaton was impervious to most physical attacks. Future field tests will likely yield a better overall estimate of both the durability and utility of the subjects in a more mundane situation.



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