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The Professor's New Invention

Prof. Mordecai Erasmus Oglethorpe, the 20th day of May in the year 1880, in the company of the Troubleshooters enroute to the Cedar City symposium:

Travelling in the company of like-minded colleagues on this train has been quite invigorating, and more importantly a source of significant inspiration. I have been reminded of the wide range of scholarly inquiry and the intersectionality of seemingly disparate disciplines. To that end, I pondered the possibilities of a synthesis of the revolutionary discoveries of young Victor and the equally brilliant Henry.

Such an amalgamation is made possible through that most wonderful molecular motion which is called electrolysis. Similar to the exemplar of an electric current passing through acidulated water, and causing oxygen to appear at one electrode and hydrogen at the other. In the space between, the water is perfectly calm, and yet two opposite currents of oxygen and of hydrogen must be passing through it. The physical theory of this process has been studied by Clausius, who has given reasons for asserting that in ordinary water the molecules are not only moving, but every now and then striking each other with such violence that the oxygen and hydrogen of the molecules part company, and dance about through the crowd, seeking partners which have become dissociated in the same way. In ordinary water these exchanges produce, on the whole, no observable effect, but no sooner does the electromotive force begin to act than it exerts its guiding influence on the unattached molecules, and bends the course of each toward its proper electrode, till the moment when, meeting with an unappropriated molecule of the opposite kind, it enters again into a more or less permanent union with it till it is again dissociated by another shock. Electrolysis, therefore, is a kind of diffusion assisted by electromotive force.

The final piece of the puzzle I must acknowledge came from one of the hopeful contenders in the upcoming symposium. My observation of a swarm of clockwork arachnids sparked my epiphany, as a small automaton similar to a Chelicerata could be used as a delivery vehicle for a miraculous elixir. Nay, rather than a clockwork arachnid, an automaton in the likeness of Scarabaeus sacer would provide proper respect to the Sacred Scarab, the symbol Egyptologist refer to as a representation of transformation. I was able to create some prototype clockwork scarabs from available components. If my hypotheses are proven correct, my tincture combining the properties of Victor’s and Henry’s elixirs can be delivered into the spinal cord or brain stem through an electrified subcutaneous injection, energizing and revivifying a previously lifeless cadaver.



Great post and photos!

The Professor's New Invention

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