Clint Finley


XP – 86
Rank – Legendary

Pace – 6
Parry – 6
Toughness – 5
Grit – 5

Agility – D10
Smarts – D8
Spirit – D8+2 (Combat Reflexes)
Strength – D6
Vigor – D6
Faith – D12+2 (Conviction)
Fighting – D8
Guts – D8+4 (Grit)
Notice – D8-2 (Hard of Hearing – Minor)
Persuasion – D8+2 (Snakeoil Salesman)
Riding – D4
Shooting – D10
Survival – D6+2 (Wilderness Man)
Tracking – D6+2 (Wilderness Man)

Wilderness Man: +2 to Survival and Tracking. +2 bonus to Vigor rolls to
resist Fatigue from Heat or Cold.
Snakeoil Salesman: +2 bonus to noncombat Persuasion rolls. Can also initiate a Persuasion Test of Will, opposed by the target’s Smarts.
Arcane Background (Miracles)
Conviction: +2 modifier to all Faith rolls made to call down miracles.
Lucky: +1 extra Benny per game session.
Combat Reflexes: +2 to Spirit to recover from being Shaken.
Dodge: – 1 to be hit by ranged attacks, +1 to avoid area attacks
First Strike: once per turn, free attack against 1 foe who moves adjacent to him

Phobia – Heights (Minor): -2 to Trait rolls.
Hard of Hearing (Minor): -2 to hearing-based Notice rolls.
Code of Honor
Phobia – Elevators (Minor) : -2 to Trait rolls


Blessed Mountain Man played by Cid

Clint Finley

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