Kimimela "Kimi"

Northern Native American Shaman, Sioux


Name: Kimimela – Translates to Butterfly
Nickname/Alias: Kimi
EP: 92 Heroic

Attributes -
Agility: D8
Smarts: D6
Spirit: D12
Strength: D6
Vigor: D8

Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 6 (+1)
Charisma: 0
Grit: 4

Delusional Major (She see’s and dreams of her dead father’s spirit. She also channels certain spirits to help her with endeavors)
The Old Ways Minor
Outsider Minor
Loyal Minor

Fighting D8, Guts D6, Shooting D8, Survival D6, Tracking D4, Riding D6, Tribal Medicine D10, Notice D8

Arcana: Shaman
Knack (Breech Birth)
Power Points – Novice (5)
Beast Master
Power Points – Veteran (
Shape Change – power
Dodge (-1)
Power points – heroic (+5)

Power Points: 35

Bow and Arrow – Range: 12/24/48 – Damage: 2D6
Tomahawk – Damage: Str + D6

Leather – Deer hide

Deflection – pp 2 – Range: Touch – Duration: 3 turns – Effect: +2 to parry, +4 to parry with raise
Entangled – pp 2 – Range: Smarts – Duration: Until enemy makes agility or strength role at minus 2 – Effect: Entraps the enemy.
Healing – pp 3 – Range: Touch – Duration: Instant – Effect: Heals 1 wound per success and raise
Shape Change – pp Novice: 3, Seasoned: 4, Veteran: 5, Heroic: 6, Legendary: 7, Legendary: 10 – Range: Self – Duration: 1 minute/1 minute.

Languages Known -
Sioux (Lakota), English, Chinese, Apache, Navajo, Cherokee and Cheyanne

Beast Master – Wolf
Name: Ahtay – Now has an official day named after him in a small town by the name of DogLeg (Dog Day)

Agility – D8
Smarts – D6
Spirit – D6
Strength – D6
Vigor – D6
Pace – 8
Parry – 5
Toughness – 4

Fighting – D6
Notice – D10

Special Abilities:
Bite – D6 + D4
Fleet Footed – D10 for running
Go for the Throat – With a raise, hits targets weakest armored location
Size: -1

Horse – Sa’Pah Siha (Translates to Black Horse)
Also known as Devil Eyes

Agility – D8
Smarts – D6
Spirit – D10
Strength – D12
Vigor – D10

Pace: 10
Parry: 6
Toughness: 9

Fighting – D8
Notice – D6
Running – D8
Kick – Str
Size: +2

Very large and solid black. Given to her by Sutter for the duration of the drive. She is hoping that she will permitted to keep the horse as payment for her service.


Kimi was raised under her father’s rule, and looked up to him greatly. She did her part in studying to be a shaman, so that she could help with the wounded brave’s who returned to them. She swore herself to the old ways and preaches that to others in her tribe. She’s always been slightly more in tuned to the ways of the spirits than others, contributing to her abilities while studying to become a shaman. She was often protected from harm by her father, but he also believed that it was important that she know how to take care of herself, in case there ever came a time when he could no longer protect her. She learned the things needed for survival, such as hunting (shooting a bow, specifically), foraging, tracking and other basic out door necessities. Also learning how to defend herself, should the need ever arise.

Isnati Awicalowanpi, the coming of age ceremony held for every young Sioux girl. Kimi’s was a momentous occasion, one that her father showed great pride in. Most girls celebrated this right of passage between the ages of 13 and 15, she was just on the outer cusp of 15 when her transition took place and she was capable of calling herself a woman. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only memorable thing to take place, while the tribe celebrated and feasted, only a handful of brave’s were left to patrol the borders of their land. The invasion was silent, fast and deadly. Most were on foot, it was only through the good fortune of the spirit’s watching over that a single brave made it to the celebration to warn the group, mere moments before the white men came charging in with powerful weapons. Several were killed that night, including her father, who fell with great honor, fighting to protect his family.

The loss had been tragic, but the Sioux tribe eventually were able to drive the intruders away. The man responsible for killing her father was a well known fighter for the America’s, it was told that his purpose for the attack was for ghost rock, but the spirits whispered about the possibility of other reasons. Kimi took the loss of her father the hardest, finding it difficult to continue without him, but also feeling a responsibility to watch over her people and keep them safe as her father had. Several men stood prepared to take his place as the tribal chief, but she knew that nobody could truly take his place. The spirits became restless around her, whispering in her ear, telling her that something was about to change and that she needed to be prepared. It wasn’t until just after her 16th year that she had her first dream. A great dark grey wolf came to visit her in her dream, the wolf was her tribe’s symbol, and her family spirit guide. The wolf explained that he was her father’s spirit, and that he had been watching over her since his death, but it was now time for her to leave. He convinced her that she had much more important things to do than watch over her tribe and that he would be with her every step of the way. After a short time, she was convinced and left her tribe, starting her long journey south, with her father’s spirit by her side.

Recently -
Kimi disappeared from the group for a short while. The reason is unknown to everyone but Kimi, seeing as no one has been able to successfully communicate with her just yet.

Kimimela "Kimi"

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